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The success of the Company " Норматив Плюс " is based on the many ways to build a sustainable business, as evidenced by the presence of highly qualified and certified experts and engineers with extensive experience in the analysis of design and estimate documentation and feasibility study .

We possess the necessary knowledge and software in the building had grown and the necessary technical and skilled resources to carry out a comprehensive examination of departmental projects.

“We work individually with each customer .
Regardless of volume and complexity of the order to make every effort to solve the current issues and challenges !”

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Норматив Плюс - a team of like-minded people and true professionals, who together can solve any unusual problems and to implement even the most unexpected ideas and projects. This is largely due to the philosophy of our company.

A good education, a wealth of experience, professionalism - our staff is no doubt there. After all, without these qualities it is very difficult to meet the high standards of business conduct that are practiced in our company. But this is not the only "insignia" of our team. The desire to improve, willingness to be yourself 100%, the ability to find the most effective solution - these are the criteria that guide us when choosing future employees.

Courage, determination, initiative, activity - it's about each of the commands Норматив Плюс.

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